Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tips Hatch Digimon 5/5

Hatch digimon master online part 2

Tips and Tricks Hatch Digimon master online DMO:
    Digimon master online hatching trick
    Trick hatching digimon master online DMO 

 1. Do not be too terforsir hatch digimon. If this fails the 4 eggs, then go ahead tomorrow. 
     If tomorrow fails, try again the next day. And so on. Who knows with just one egg can succeed.

Hacth Part2
                 1/5 wait 3 second ++
                 2/5 wait 3 second ++
                 3/5 wait 3 second ++
                 4/5 wait 1 minute ++
                 5/5 wait 10 minute ++
2. Stay Enjoy. Sometimes we are fun - fun hatch digimon could own company.

3. Lag factor "FAST CONNECTION". Avoid hatch when we're lag connection / unstable.
4. Intimacy tamer hatch when high buddy. Most players use the DMO to hatch digimon Intimacy.  

    The higher the percentage the more tamer Intimacy hatch success.  
    But the trick is not effective overall.
5. Hockey factor.
6. Pray before input data.

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