Thursday, December 15, 2011

Backyard Monster

File ==>  Download


Instant upgrade
instant resources x2
instant build
instant fortify
instant repair
instant training
instant champ feed
instant monsters
instant unlock monster
starter kit low cost
instant diamond wall free
5 workers - not perma
Yardage x5 - not perma

Steps :-

1. Open The Fiddler And Click Tools
2. Choose Fiddler Option... And Click HTTPS
3. Uncheck The Capture HTTPS CONNECTs
4. Check Again The Capture HTTPS CONNECTs , Decrypt HTTPS traffic And Ignore server certificate errors And Click Ok
5. Go To Backyard Monster And Then Clear Cache
6. Go Back To Backyard Monster And Wait For Few Second
7. Go Back To Fiddler And Click Find
8. In Find Type game/game And Click Find Sessions
9. After You Find game/game Right Click It And Click Copy And Choose Just Url
10. Click Add And Below In Fiddler You Will See Local File To Return Or *action to execute
11. Click Drop Down Arrow And Click Find A File
12. Dialog Box Appear Find The ultimate120v_by_DC After You Find It Click It And Click Open
13. Click Save In Fiddler
14. Clear Cache And Refresh The Backyard Monster

Have Fun In This Hack!!!

How To Clear Cache
1. Click On Tools
2. Clear Recent History
3. Uncheck All Except Cache
4. Clear Now

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